Automotive Suspension Spring Classic Case


Zhongtai Automobile SR9 project since 2014 after the project, as the public Thai system suppliers, our company has been actively follow up, docking related work。 December start the business offer stage, I Division of the manufacturing, finance and other cost accounting personnel, carefully account for the cost of the product, combined with the product market positioning, in the high-quality, the price of product positioning, uphold and all over and over The idea。 After a number of peer suppliers, multi-round business negotiations, covering technology, quality, delivery and other aspects of the matter, the final Division I are honored in February 2015 was selected as Zhongtai B12 after the spiral spring A point development suppliers。 On this basis, I set up a project development team, the technology, quality, procurement, production, delivery, sales and implementation by the division of labor is responsible。 From March 2015, our technical department is actively involved in the design of pre-product design, in Hangzhou Zhongtai Institute to provide relevant parameters on the basis of the experience of our company, roughly framed a range of products。 The middle of the round after another round of the sample adjustment, constantly modify the product to improve the relevant parameters, and ultimately in August 2015 the basic product began to shape down。 The result is by the Ministry of Technology, Purchasing Department, Production Department, logistics and other strong support, the joint efforts of the crystallization。 After the basic product stereotypes, the next step Division I in accordance with the requirements of the Thai command, start the product performance testing stage, the company in advance of the basic product performance, including durability, salt mist was verified, and then factory, And so on。 Since the day of the factory, we will actively follow up every node of the product, to keep abreast of the product status, the first time to respond to the requirements of the Thai people, to the Thai to intimate service, and finally passed the three rounds of road test , Product freeze to determine down。 The whole process of the project is a systematic process, is the result of the joint efforts of all, only the team's strong collaboration, it is possible to really do a thing。

As a professional brand of automotive suspension spring professional supplier, we have a professional R & D strength, high cost, rigorous work attitude, won a lot of independent brand car OEMs trust, as of August 2017, batch matching Independent brands have reached 33 models, many of them more popular domestic Thai T600, Zhongtai T700, Tai Mai X5, Beiqi Wei Wang, Lifan Xuan Lang, Swee X7 and other models, and SAIC-GM-Wuling, China FAW, Geely Automobile, Chery Automobile, Beiqi new energy, Jiangling new energy, Redding Automobile, and so on OEMs have established long-term cooperative partnership.

We will, as always, with China's own brand car enterprises in the rise of the world process, gave us a thin force。

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