Agricultural machinery spring case

CLAAS KGaA mbH2014 years to claas company sent the inquiry, the company's technical staff to actively analyze the drawings, sales staff promptly offer, and soon reached an initial cooperation with the customer intention. Then the company through the efforts of the claas company through the German headquarters of the comprehensive review of the staff at the end of 2014 to submit the first batch of samples. At the beginning of 2015 our samples passed the customer's test and installed test. At the same time we received an invitation from the supplier meeting sent by claas headquarters. At the beginning of 2015 we had the privilege of attending the General Assembly in Germany, and visited the claas production base in Germany to enhance our understanding of customer needs to provide valuable information for future better service customers. We have now supplied spring for claas in Germany and France, and in the future we will strive to become a quality supplier and long-term strategic partner for all production bases in claas.

We also offer high-performance spring products for CNN, AGCO and Rostselmash, Russia's largest agricultural machinery manufacturer.

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