Commercial vehicle brake system case

The early 90s of last century, the domestic commercial vehicle market began to force, China FAW, China Gasoline, China National Heavy Duty Truck, etc。 have launched the latest generation of domestic commercial vehicle chassis, Rui Li Group to seize the opportunity to take the lead in the start of a new generation of commercial vehicles Our company relies on strong technical reserves, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, and constantly study and explore, tackling tough, successful hand in hand with Rui Li, the company is also engaged in research and development of the brake system, Group completed the localization of development, and the quality of performance completely counter similar foreign products。

Today, the Rayleigh Group's commercial vehicle braking system product scale is Asia's first, the world's second, the product in the domestic and international markets to win a number of honors, my company's gas brake series spring also by carrying Rui Li Group of products, the success of China FAW Group, Dongfeng Group, SAIC Group, more than 30 domestic automobile manufacturers and Europe, the Americas and Japan cars to provide maintenance services, and gradually entered the global auto parts procurement system, and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games bus, the 60th anniversary of the National Day military parade, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games new energy bus, the 90th anniversary of the army to provide product support services.

In the future development process, our company will continue to work closely with the Rayleigh Group, the continuous development of innovation, to produce more high quality and reliable gas brake spring, for the Chinese national automobile industry, a modest contribution.

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