Power industry spring application case

Siemens is a year ago, Germany's Siemens company to seek the domestic switchgear spring quality suppliers, contact my company。 In a detailed study of the company's environment, understand the company's R & D and innovation capabilities, fully affirmed the overall strength of our company, and the fastest release of the sample, carried out business cooperation。 In the manufacturing process, we also encountered a difficult problem, that is, how to prevent the deformation of the spring, through continuous research and exploration, and finally improve the processing technology to ensure that the quality of each spring。

In the past few years, our company has maintained a good relationship with Germany's Siemens company, and through the introduction of the headquarters of Berlin, and India, Mexico, Turkey and other countries of the Siemens branch established a business relationship, at the same time, we also became Japan Toshiba and other international well-known enterprises of the switchgear spring suppliers, and ABB are also in the orderly progress。 Similarly, the well-known Shandong Taikai, Shanghai Siyuan, and so have established a good relationship of cooperation, we strive to achieve the industry's outstanding supporting suppliers。

In the future, we will work with Siemens and Toshiba and other well-known enterprises, with excellent product quality and good market reputation, and strive to open up the international market, so that "Jinchang" spring as more international well-known enterprises to choose!

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