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Emerson is a global multi-industry integrated international company, headquartered in Missouri, the United States, among the world's top 500。 We had the honor to establish business contacts with Emerson Control Systems in 2004, and after further communication and inspection, we passed Emerson's audit in 2006 and began to sample the samples。 We began to supply the samples at the end of 2006。 With the further development of the business, we are now the Emerson global spring supplier, serving Emerson China, Emerson America, Emerson Malaysia, Emerson Mexico, Emerson Hungary, Emerson Holland and so on。 Our excellent product quality and quality service has won the trust of our customers, so that our business has been expanding。 In 2016, we have accumulated more than 6 million yuan in Emerson's global spring sales。 Our goal is to become the excellent spring of Emerson's global subsidiary。 Suppliers and long-term strategic partners。

In addition, we also for the Italian Rotork, Zhejiang Wales, Zhejiang 100, Wenzhou Brocade, Wenzhou Boen, Jiangnan valves, and so on domestic and foreign well-known enterprises supporting spring valve products and provide quality services.

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